Professional Accounting & Financial Management Services for Los Angeles Associations

Effective financial management accelerates the growth of any successful association.

So, we provide extensive financial management services based on accrual accounting that gives you a clear picture of how much money you have at a particular point in time.

Team up with Progressive Association Management to get transparent and accurate financial statements that give you a crystal clear idea of the financial health of your HOA.

Experience convenience and peace of mind with our all-inclusive financial management services for associations in Los Angeles.

Financial Responsibilities That You Can Offload To Us

Regular Assessments

We keep track of monthly homeowner assessment invoices and vendor invoices for billing accuracy and make sure all the board directors approve them before payment is made.

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Our team regularly assesses

  • Payable accounts
  • Received accounts
  • Audit
  • Balance sheets
  • Fines
  • Demand fees
  • Captial expenditures
  • Collections

to keep homeowners in the loop.

Once the invoices are assessed and verified, we prepare checks for payments. We allow our clients to track payments and invoices through online platforms and payment options.

Financial Statements

We offer a documented accounting of the association’s all economic activities to maintain transparency.

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While creating financial statements we include

  • Statements of income
  • Payable reports
  • Delinquency reports
  • Bank Reconciliation reports
  • Bank Statements
  • Reserve fund balances
  • General ledger activities
  • Receivables, and Balance Sheets

We ensure that all financial statements are clearly and consistently crafted, providing clear understanding to community members and allowing our clients to make prudent decisions.

Budget Preparations

Progressive Association Management offers invaluable resources for HOAs in search of reliable financial management services in Los Angeles.

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Our team helps the board prepare a detailed budget, accounting for all major and minor expenses. This ensures that the association has enough funds for all their annual activities. We also monitor reserve funds and provide innovative solutions for custom budget preparation.

We help you create an accurate budget plan based on the following steps

  • Identifying all projected income and expenditure sources
  • Consulting with local vendors and gathering bids from them
  • Analyzing the ongoing maintenance cost
  • Examining the reserve fund
  • Calculating your budget
  • Sharing budget with HOA members

Get Free Consultation

Progressive Association Management offers free consultation services for HOAs, condominiums, rental and multi-unit properties. If you are looking for professional financial services and expertise, our firm is the place you need. At Progressive Association Management, our team of accountants and financial experts makes every effort to fulfill your finance and budget-related requirements.

Our HOA management services cover communities in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

End-to-end Financial Management For Los Angeles Associations

At Progressive Association Management, we believe that no two associations are alike, nor are their respective financial needs.

We have a well-designed and comprehensive set of financial services that will best suit all communities in Los Angeles. Once you partner with us, we go through all your financial documents, analyze them for loopholes, and help identify the next steps to shore up your finances, covering all bases of your HOA’s requirements.

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Check Our Customized Pricing Plan

# Units

Monthly Dues

Fee Per Unit

2% of Total Dues

Total Monthly Fee

10 $300 $30 $60 $360
20 $300 $25 $120 $620
30 $300 $20 $180 $780
40 $300 $15 $240 $840
50 $300 $12 $300 $900
75 $300 $10 $450 $1,200
100 $300 $8 $600 $1,400
150 $300 $6 $900 $1,800
200+ $300 $5 $1200 $2,200

In this example, the monthly dues are $300. You must take your monthly dues, multiply by the number of owners, multiply by 2%. For the base fee, multiply your number of owners times the cost per unit. Add both for the total fee.

10 Units

Monthly Dues:

Fee Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:

Total Monthly Fee:

20 Units

Monthly Dues:

Fee Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:

Total Monthly Fee:

30 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


40 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


50 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


75 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


100 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


150 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


200 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


Unparalleled Association Financial Management Services In Los Angeles

Rent Collections

We strive to reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow. Our team undertakes timely collections of HOA dues through online payments and keeps a record through email statements.

Risk Protection

We provide full protection to homeowners and board members against potential financial threats and reduce risks by improving internal control and positive paycheck protection. With us, clients have achieved up to 99% risk protection for their association assets.


We allow HOA members to make accurate plans regarding allocation plans by maintaining detailed and accurate financial reports delivered on time.

Seamless Communication

Transparent communication is the key to successful association management. Our online portals have access to community information and allow residents to communicate with community members.

Legal Compliance

We have the legal expertise and an in-depth understanding of federal, state, and local laws that allow us to keep your association compliant with financial rules and relevant laws.

Direct Deposit

We track the status of paid dues and deposits through electronic accounting platforms and store receipts in separate association accounts. This ensures thorough accounting of all bills and automatic backup of all documentation.

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    LOVE SAM!! she knew exactly what i needed help with and she explained everything so my husband and I could understand it. HIGHLY recommended to anyone who is thinking of moving to Orange.

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    Highly recommend working with them. SAM is amazing and she helped me and my wife with everything we needed.

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