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Progressive Association Management serves communities like yours in Long Beach, and we want to help you have a better experience with your residents. We aren’t the largest property management company in Long Beach, but we see that as a strength. Our community managers have the ability to focus on the associations they partner with because we assign them no more than four communities and 400 property owners.

More attentive management.

Better service.

That’s when you get with Progressive Association Management.

Reach for Higher Standards with Your Long Beach Community Association

Full Service Association Management


Delegating isn’t always easy. But, when you’re working with an experienced management team that understands the needs of your community, it’s a relief. We take a lot off your plate, including homeowner assessments and reports. We’re your contact 24/7 for emergencies and homeowner concerns. We’ll help with board meetings, whether it’s agenda-setting or crowd control. We take care of property inspections and we enforce the rules, regulations, and bylaws that all of your homeowners have signed on to support.

We manage vendors. We help with the smooth management of elections and the transfer of power when new board members are elected. We communicate with your members and we provide the best in community management technology, enabling online support and owner portals.

You get less hassle and more happiness.

Community Financial Management

Financial management requires a solid understanding of accounting principles, transparency, and detailed and accurate reports.

We take care of your budgets, your bill paying, and your financial reporting.

  • Monthly financial statements prepared and shared.
  • Record-keeping services prepared for audits and taxes.
  • Collection services for dues and penalties.

We’ll monitor your reserve funds and make recommendations if we see them getting too low for what you need to accomplish.

We’ll take care of direct deposits, online bill pay, vendor invoice payments, and the coordination of any audits, reviews, and resolutions.

We’re delivering less hassle and more happiness.

Collecting for Your Community

It’s sometimes difficult to be the enforcer of rules and the collection agency in the community. This is where you live. These are your neighbors.

Having an objective third party like a Long Beach community management company take care of these things is a benefit. We’ll manage the collections in your community.

Expect us to collect dues on time. We’ll follow up with any homeowners who are behind and continue to monitor their situations. Communication will be constant.

Third party reports can be accessed by our team. Often, we can work out arrangements once we have a clear picture of a homeowner’s financial situation.

Legal support and guidance is always available through our vast network of experts in homeowner collections.

Enjoy less hassle and more happiness.

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Get a Free Proposal with Progressive Association Management

What is most important to you when you’re choosing a management company to partner with your community association? You want experts. You want listeners. You want solutions and resources. That’s what we deliver at Progressive Association Management.

Let’s talk about where you are right now. We’ll assess your strengths and your challenges, and we’ll put together a property management plan that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to provide a better value for community associations like yours. Ask for our proposal, and let’s move forward. This part is easy. And, it’s free.

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"The ABCs of HOAs: The Ultimate Guide for Homeowner Associations" is here to be your comprehensive guide through the complexities of managing and participating in an HOA. This book offers an in-depth look into the world of HOAs, providing readers with essential knowledge on how they operate, their legal foundations, and the rights and responsibilities of both the HOA and its members. Whether you're a new homeowner unfamiliar with HOA rules or a seasoned board member seeking guidance on governance and financial management, this guide covers it all.


Our Pricing Plan
It’s Hybrid. It’s Progressive

Let’s Not Overcomplicate Things.

You need a simple, easy-to-understand management fee.

We deliver it.

We factor in two important details when pricing our management services:

How many units you need managed.
How much your monthly dues are.
We may adjust our pricing based on your reserves and the risk involved in managing your community. Ultimately, our pricing is simple and competitive.

An image of a commercial house.Progressive Property Management Inc can provide property management for a house like this


# Units

Monthly Dues

Fee Per Unit

2% of Total Dues

Total Monthly Fee

10 $300 $30 $60 $360
20 $300 $25 $120 $620
30 $300 $20 $180 $780
40 $300 $15 $240 $840
50 $300 $12 $300 $900
75 $300 $10 $450 $1,200
100 $300 $8 $600 $1,400
150 $300 $6 $900 $1,800
200+ $300 $5 $1200 $2,200

In this example, the monthly dues are $300. You must take your monthly dues, multiply by the number of owners, multiply by 2%. For the base fee, multiply your number of owners times the cost per unit. Add both for the total fee.


10 Units

Monthly Dues:

Fee Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:

Total Monthly Fee:

20 Units

Monthly Dues:

Fee Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:

Total Monthly Fee:

30 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


40 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


50 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


75 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


100 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


150 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


200 Units

Monthly Dues:

Cost Per Unit:

2% of Total Dues:


Long Beach Association Management Experts

Progressive Association Management Services Commercial and Residential Communities

We may not be for everyone. But, we believe we are a good match for community associations who are seeking better management. At Progressive Association Management, we invite you to leverage our technology, tools, and resources to improve the management of your community. We have a team of talented and highly trained professionals who are committed to you and your association. Wondering what makes us different? Here are some examples.
An aerial view of a community with lots of houses

Simple Pricing

There’s not a lot of haggling involved. Our prices are fair and competitive and we won’t surprise you with hidden fees or surprise costs. It’s not who we are.

Ideal Location

Managing Long Beach associations and those in surrounding Los Angeles County areas. We only take on communities we can reach in half an hour or less.

Responsive Communication

We can’t have a good relationship without great communication, and we’re all about relationships. Expect us to be available, accessible, and responsive.

Our Guarantees

Four performance guarantees – that’s right, four. This tells you we do what we say and we say what we’ll do. Trust is so important that we guarantee it.

Legal Compliance

Real estate in California is different. There are a number of laws at the state, federal, and local levels, and we protect your association by keeping it in compliance.

Commitment to Community

We take the time to get to know you, your community, and your homeowners. We stay small so we can stay connected. It leads to a stronger sense of community.

  • The manager for our property is Alyssa. She is very professional, always quick to return phone calls and emails, and is very proactive in getting needed quotes and repairs. She is a huge asset to Progressive.

    Lisa Bruchet Avatar Lisa Bruchet

    I had the privilege of working with Alyssa Kraus. She is incredibly responsive, detailed oriented, and knowledgeable. So grateful for all her help!

    Hannah Bruchet Avatar Hannah Bruchet

    Sam is by far the best i have worked with. She's always available and replies in a timely manner. Always a pleasure working with her. Thank you for all you do for us.

    Karina Sanchez Avatar Karina Sanchez
  • Sam is such a wonderful person. She helped me and she has great customer service!

    Minerva Castro Avatar Minerva Castro

    LOVE SAM!! she knew exactly what i needed help with and she explained everything so my husband and I could understand it. HIGHLY recommended to anyone who is thinking of moving to Orange.

    Lauren Ruiz Avatar Lauren Ruiz

    Highly recommend working with them. SAM is amazing and she helped me and my wife with everything we needed.

    Marco Ruiz Avatar Marco Ruiz
  • Sam helped me out last time and was very kind and patient with me. Extremely wonderful experience I definitely recommend asking for Sam!

    Elena Gutierrez Avatar Elena Gutierrez

    Sam is the greatest, ask for her every time

    Jose Hernandez Avatar Jose Hernandez

    This is the best company very professional I’m xtremely satisfied whit the costumer service Sam provide…thank you .

    ImAussie Avatar ImAussie

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